N! crosses continents again with Africa Connecting Day

"By providing local support and global services we are driving the success of automotive car and truck parts distributors, wherever they are in the world."  NEXUS CEO Gael Escribe.

"By providing local support and global services we are driving the success of automotive car and truck parts distributors, wherever they are in the world."  NEXUS CEO Gael Escribe.

The seventh and final N! Connecting Days event of 2017 was held in Johannesburg, giving members and suppliers of NEXUS Automotive International an ideal opportunity to meet before attending the city’s Automechanika international trade show.

N! Connecting Days have been held on five different continents this year, highlighting the global reach of the progressive aftermarket alliance.

The latest, the N! Africa Connecting Day, was held at the Fairlawns Hotel on Tuesday, 26th September, and was attended by around 50 N! members and N! suppliers.

A plenary session was followed by a series of organised speed-dating business meetings. 
N! CEO Gael Escribe said: “NEXUS Automotive International is the world’s largest automotive community, and by providing local support and global services we are driving the success of automotive car and truck parts distributors, wherever they are in the world.

“Coming here to Johannesburg has given us a fantastic opportunity to hear directly from those doing business in this region and discuss how we can work closely together to help accelerate some of the opportunities in front of them.”

This year’s N! Connecting Days have been in Moscow, Sao Paulo, Dubai, Atlanta, Shanghai, Gdansk and now Johannesburg. However, there will be no fest for the N! team as NEXUS will be making its full exhibition debut when the global alliance jointly hosts a stand at the Equip Auto show in Paris in October.

Nexus Automotive Algeria first national organisation for Nexus Automotive International on the African continent

NEXUS Automotive International, the global automotive aftermarket alliance, has taken a major step forward in Africa with the establishment of NEXUS Automotive Algeria, its first national organisation on the continent.

The new local organisation, with headquarters in Algiers, will be launched on Monday, 16th May and will comprise A&M Distribution, DOUADI Automotive, HABCHI Auto Distribution and SIAD Automobile Group. The four N! members are some of the most important spare parts and equipment distributors for cars and trucks in Algeria. Each group has large retailer networks in all of its main cities, giving NEXUS Automotive Algeria an immediate national dimension.

Gaël Escribe, NEXUS Automotive International CEO, said: “We are very pleased with the foundation of this new organisation, which underlines both the ambition of the leading distributors involved as well as their involvement in the professionalisation and structuring of the aftermarket industry in their country.”

Mohammed Siad, President of Siad, who will head up the new group, said: “To join this international group gives us the perfect means to resist a random evolution of the market. Working together we can take a strategic approach, drive innovation and make the most of business opportunities in the aftermarket.”

A first step will be choosing a manager to take charge of supplier relations, manage the network’s operations and co-ordinate strategic projects. Meetings will be held on Monday and Tuesday, 23rd and 24th May, to update suppliers on overall plans for the short and the mid-term.

NEXUS Automotive Algeria has made training a priority, through the development of N! ACADEMY.  Abderrezak Akroune, CEO of A&M Distribution, said: “We intend to develop new concepts in purchasing and logistics, as well as on the commercial side, as we have fixed the objective to structure and grow. To achieve this, very specific guidance is necessary.”

NEXUS Automotive Algeria will work closely with the N! selected international training provider, EIPM (European Institute of Purchasing Management). Fayçal Douadi, CEO of Douadi Automotive, said: “It is critical that our training programmes are of the highest calibre, as we wish to ensure that the professional competency of our managers at all levels aligns with the organisation’s development.”

The meetings will also consider how best to introduce the N! private label DR!VE+, which is positioned to offer quality automotive parts at attractive prices while countering the spread of cheap inferior products. Redjem Habchi, CEO of Habchi, said: “The Algerian market cannot only absorb premium ranked parts when the minimum salary is of 200 Euros. The DR!VE+ solution, developed in partnership with N! suppliers, will definitely facilitate the access to new market segments.”

The new organisation is also considering the rapid setting up of garage networks for cars and trucks, under the NEXUSAUTO and NEXUSTRUCK brands, which will follow an audit of the technical training needs of repairmen and mechanics in the country.

In conclusion, Gaël Escribe said: “I’m delighted but not surprised that NEXUS Automotive Algeria is taking shape this rapidly. Through the N! ACADEMY, NEXUSAUTONEXUSTRUCK and DR!VE+ projects, we are perfectly positioned to support our new members in their strategic objectives, which they have voiced very clearly. It’s very exciting and in line with our core philosophy of bringing innovation and entrepreneurship to the aftermarket while creating value for our members.”