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Worldwide academy programme underlines NEXUS global credentials

NEXUS Automotive International has underlined its strong credentials as a global player in the aftermarket by organising a wide-ranging programme of training events across four continents.

Delivered through its N! Academy, the in-depth sessions have been created to cover all levels from senior executives to training managers.

Two sessions have been held in Europe with eight others to follow in Asia, South America, Europe again, and Africa.

An intensive five-day session on ‘Financial risks and opportunities in the supply market’ was arranged for sales managers from 8 N! members from Cyprus, Finland, Greece, Germany, Poland and Ukraine, and took place at the Archamps campus of the European Institute of Purchasing Management.

The other European event was held in Paris, this time for 11 N! member Technical Coordinators, from French speaking countries. The three-day ‘Train the Trainers’ programme was created to develop the technical knowledge of the coordinators, so they are recognised as experts and can forge even closer relationships with the workshops who are their customers.

The course featured presentations from selected N! suppliers on ‘Petrol-diesel Engine Management’, ‘Start & Stop - Emission (DPF, SCR, EGR Valve, Turbo) Battery’ and ‘Timing Belt Electrical Engine Parts (Starter/ Alternator) Engine Sensors’.

In coming months NEXUS Executive Seminars will be held in Chennai in India and Buenos Aires in Argentina, courses for middle managers will take place in Athens in Greece and Kiev in Ukraine, Train the Trainers classes will be delivered in Johannesburg in South Africa, Chennai again, Dubai in the United Arab Emirates and Murska Sobota in Slovenia, and workshop tutorials will be held in three Chinese locations (Beijing, Guangzhoud, Shanghai) and in Poland.

NEXUS CEO Gael Escribe, said: “As the biggest aftermarket community on the planet, NEXUS has access to a vast pool of technical expertise and market insight. Through our ambitious N! Academy programme we are able to share that knowledge to give N! members real value that they can take back to their own businesses to help them grow and be even more successful.”

Outstanding debut for NEXUS at Automechanika Frankfurt

The first full appearance by NEXUS Automotive International at Automechanika Frankfurt has been declared a great success, generating high levels of interest throughout the five days.

More than 116,000 visitors from 181 different countries visited this, the most important parts show in the world.

NEXUS CEO Gael Escribe said: “This was our full debut as an exhibitor in Automechanika. The high number of delegates who visited our booth in Hall 4 on each of the five days, and the enthusiasm they showed for what we are doing, underlined this is the right place for the largest automotive community in the world to be exhibiting.

“It was simply stunning that over 500 N! members and N! suppliers came from all four corners of the earth to attend the reception and I extend a big ‘thank you’ to all of them.

“Also, we were delighted being asked to contribute to the important conferences explaining our role as a dynamic growth accelerator, particularly the exciting emerging markets. It was great to see that the whole N! Member Community was represented at the various suppliers’ events to which the N! Management team and N! Business Developers were participating.

“We will reflect on this, and the very many NEXUS initiatives now under way, when we welcome our progressive community to the N! Business Forum in Abu Dhabi next March 2019.

“Our ever-growing N! community is composed of 68+ original equipment (OE) global manufacturers and 119 N! members in more than 125 countries all over the world, representing a turnover of more than 16 billion euros.”

NEXUS 'truly global' as progressive alliance extends reach to Australia and New Zealand

NEXUS Automotive International (N!) is ‘the only truly global’ progressive aftermarket alliance after the leading autoparts distributor in Australia and New Zealand became the latest to join the network. It means N! now has a presence across six continents, a strategic objective declared just three years ago.

More than ever, wherever its members or suppliers are running their business, N! is there to support them. The new member is Australian Stock Exchange-listed Bapcor, whose group operations support a workforce of 5,600 worldwide.

Bapcor is Australasia’s leading provider of automotive aftermarket parts, accessories, automotive equipment and services and can trace its roots back to 1971. The group’s core automotive business segment covers trade, retail, service and specialist wholesale, via over 900 locations in Australia and New Zealand.

N! Business Development Director Martin Hendriksen said: “Bapcor is a market leader in their sector, and we look forward to providing them with the innovative and value-creating support that NEXUS is gaining a reputation for.

"The Australian and New Zealand markets offer exciting opportunities which we will develop working with Bapcor and N! suppliers. The Asia Pacific region is a dynamic one, where our entrepreneurial approach is likely to yield positive results and we look forward to a great adventure with our new N! Community member.”

Also joining the Asia Pacific group is G-Part Automotive, one of China’s leading aftermarket distributors. The company is headquartered in Shanghai, ‘the automotive city’, and specialises in the distribution of German car parts.

NEXUS CEO Gael Escribe said: “The entrance of G-Part is an important pillar for the further development of the China aftermarket structure. With its help, we will be able to implement our innovative and ambitious N! programmes, such as the N! Academy / School, DR!VE+ and N!Auto.

"For most aftermarket players Asia Pacific is the market of the future. But for NEXUS, with our new important members in Australia, New Zealand and China, Asia Pacific is already a market of today.

"In a remarkable three years we have achieved our stated objective of developing a worldwide network, and are confident we can now rightly claim to be the only progressive, truly global alliance in the automotive aftermarket. Being truly global makes N! an unrivalled growth accelerator for progressive companies in the automotive industry.”

New alliance will support competitiveness of aftermarket companies in Central Europe

A new alliance, NEXUS Automotive Central Europe (N!ACE), that will aid the competitiveness of companies operating in the region’s automotive aftermarket has been established.

N!ACE is the regional representative of global alliance NEXUS Automotive International (N!), now present in 113 countries.

The new group has been formed by Auto Land Polska, Autos, Inter Land and Inter Parts. They are all based in Poland and are leading partners active in passenger car and heavy duty parts distribution.

N!ACE is a fully transparent and well organized structure that has been created to provide better value and business opportunities to N! key stakeholders in a highly competitive market.

New members are expected to join in the near future, which will enable N!ACE to become the leading partner for domestic distributors in Central Europe.

Waldermar Baclawski, owner of Inter Parts, who heads up N!ACE, said: “The main purpose of N!ACE is to create value and opportunities for our members from both the sourcing of automotive parts and through the supply chain side.

“In addition, the group will put a strong emphasis on supporting N! strategic initiatives in the Central Europe region, including the NEXUSAuto and NEXUSTruck workshop concepts, the newly-created DR!VE+ brand and the training platform N! Academy School, and through these we will better concentrate purchasing volumes towards NEXUS suppliers.

“Overall, this enhanced co-operation between members and suppliers will provide unique opportunities for development and improve the competitiveness of all participants in the project.”

Gael Escribe, CEO of N!, welcomed the formation of N!ACE. He said: “I congratulate the members of N!ACE who have come together to create this new regional organisation and I and the N! team look forward to working with them.

“We spoke recently at one of our N! Connecting Days of our stategy of developing regional platforms and very quickly N!ACE has been incorporated. It is a fine example of ‘words to deeds’.”

N!, which has its headquarters in Geneva, was founded in 2014, since when it has enjoyed intense geographic expansion. This year alone 47 new members have joined, bringing the total to 108, plus two other regional groups have been formed, NEXUS Automotive Algeria and NEXUS North America, with another, NEXUS Automotive Brazil, about to be launched.


NEXUS CEO Gael Escribe has welcomed the ongoing commitment of PI-VI RICAMBRI SRL to the independent aftermarket following its purchase by RENAULT-NISSAN ALLIANCE and that it will continue as a NEXUS ITALIA SCARL shareholder and member of NEXUS AUTOMOTIVE INTERNATIONAL.

He said: “The key message for suppliers within the N! community is that PI-VI RICAMBI SRL remains 100% committed to the IAM and this has been confirmed by the company’s new majority shareholder.

“We are pleased that NEXUS Automotive Italia and NEXUS Automotive International were able to take the opportunity to share future strategies with the new ownership and that these are entirely in line with the thinking of RENAULT-NISSAN ALLIANCE.

“That this investment comes from an inter-continental alliance that bridges OEM and IAM business models is yet another example of the increasingly global nature of the aftermarket.”