NEXUS launches two new projects in China


NEXUS Automotive International (N!) is increasing its activity in China as it accelerates its strategy of supporting emerging markets with potential for rapid growth.

The progressive automotive community has already invested heavily in establishing a team of eight to help N! members access new business in what is the largest automotive industry in the world.

Now it has launched two important new projects into the region, the N! Academy training programme and its NEXUSAUTO workshop concept.

The initiatives were unveiled to 17 of China’s premier automotive distributors, all N! Members, who were brought together with N! Strategic suppliers for the N! Connecting Days event in Shanghai.

The N! Academy workshop training has been launched in partnership with CASCA, the Chinese aftermarket association that is connected to over 6,000 workshops. NEXUS is a strategic member of CASCA and has a position on its executive committee.

The N! Academy will offer face-to-face dedicated technical workshop training in more than eight different cities in China, including online education and an interactive Wechat platform for online broadcasting of training, sharing best practice, technical skills and daily experiences of those connected to N! E-Academy.

The NEXUSAUTO workshop concept has been introduced successfully in several countries in Europe including France, where NEXUSAUTO garages were judged to be among ‘The Best in France’ in a nationwide poll of motorists. It provides access to innovative NEXUSAUTO services as well as ensuring garages operate to high standards applied globally. In China the launch of this concept is effective and already several workshops have been opened in the region, thanks to the combined leadership of NEXUS and N! Member G-Part. 

James Zhang, China Business Developer for NEXUS, said: “Following extensive groundwork in China, we have really pressed the accelerator on the services and support we offer the N! Community there. The country’s aftermarket is undergoing dynamic change driven by disruptive technologies, in particular the increasing adoption of online channels."

NEXUS CEO Gael Escribe said: “The passionate support we are receiving from the N! China group, and the progress being made, underlines to us that our strategy of focusing on emerging markets with potential for rapid growth is the right one. It has encouraged us to follow the Shanghai gathering with a broader Asia Pacific N! Connecting Days event in October involving other countries from this area of the world.”

Future of aftermarket focus of round table debate at NEXUS Connecting Day in Dubai

The Future of the Aftermarket’ was the central topic of a round table discussion hosted by global aftermarket alliance NEXUS Automotive International as part of its latest N! Connecting Day held in Dubai.

The event (Wednesday, 10th May) took place at the city’s Waldorf Hotel on the world-famous Palm Jumeirah. Following an introductory plenary session, some 24 N! members and around 20 N! global suppliers met for a series of organised business speed-dating sessions.

In between, NEXUS Executive Director Philippe Guyot led the round table debate with four N! suppliers, with NEXUS CFO Thierry Mugnier acting as moderator. Also present were N! Business Development Directors Martin Hendriksen, responsible for English speaking sub-Saharan countries, Australia and New Zealand, and Saman Rashidi, responsible for the Middle East.

The Dubai event followed N! Connecting Days in Moscow and Sao Paulo and took place before the next N! Connecting Day in North America. NEXUS CEO Gael Escribe said: “We were delighted to bring our successful N! Connecting Days forum to the United Arab Emirates. It provided an excellent platform for the progressive N! community to meet and create new business opportunities.”


NEXUS CEO Gael Escribe has welcomed the ongoing commitment of PI-VI RICAMBRI SRL to the independent aftermarket following its purchase by RENAULT-NISSAN ALLIANCE and that it will continue as a NEXUS ITALIA SCARL shareholder and member of NEXUS AUTOMOTIVE INTERNATIONAL.

He said: “The key message for suppliers within the N! community is that PI-VI RICAMBI SRL remains 100% committed to the IAM and this has been confirmed by the company’s new majority shareholder.

“We are pleased that NEXUS Automotive Italia and NEXUS Automotive International were able to take the opportunity to share future strategies with the new ownership and that these are entirely in line with the thinking of RENAULT-NISSAN ALLIANCE.

“That this investment comes from an inter-continental alliance that bridges OEM and IAM business models is yet another example of the increasingly global nature of the aftermarket.”

North America becomes the No 1 region within the Nexus community

Nexus jpeg.JPG

NEXUS Automotive International (N!) has welcomed two important new members in North America, consolidating its presence in what is now its number one region.

The initial member AUTOMOTIVE DISTRIBUTION THE NETWORK (The NETWORK), which joined N! in July last year, has now been joined in the N! community by AUTOMOTIVE PARTS ASSOCIATES (APA) and VIPAR Heavy Duty.

Gael Escribe, Chief Executive of NEXUS Automotive International, said: “We outlined recently the strategic objective of North America becoming our number one region. With AUTOMOTIVE PARTS ASSOCIATES (APA), VIPAR Heavy Duty and The NETWORK joining as full members, those plans are becoming reality ahead of our initial roadmap. We’re delighted to have three such important members integrated into our fast-growing N! global community.”

AUTOMOTIVE PARTS ASSOCIATES (APA) is a member owned co-operative made up of over 95 independent warehouse distributors and over 375 locations in North America. Its members’ distribution centers in the US and Canada offer a wide assortment of national brand product lines, along with a unique assortment of Import OE brands through its SIPS (Society of Import Parts Specialists) affiliated members, as well as a substantial array of Professionals’ Choice private brand products.

Gary Martin, President and CEO of APA, said: “We are delighted to be joining NEXUS and look forward to working with The NETWORK and VIPAR in developing new and exciting opportunities in the all-important North America market.” 

VIPAR Heavy Duty is North America’s leading network of independent aftermarket truck parts distributors, serving its customers from more than 550 locations across the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and Mexico. In addition to its distributors under the VIPAR Heavy Duty brand, the VIPAR family of companies includes Power Heavy Duty and Global Parts network and as a collective organisation represents over 260 distribution companies with more than 775 locations throughout North America, as well as two brake manufacturing plants and two parts distribution centres.                                                                                                                                                                       
Chris Baer, Executive Vice-President of VIPAR, said: “VIPAR Heavy Duty is pleased to be a member of NEXUS Automotive International S.A. N! will provide a platform for real and meaningful collaboration with other industry leading companies at an all new level. N! plugs the VIPAR Family of Companies into a highly innovative global commercial vehicle community while allowing us to stay focused on our North American strategies and markets.”

AUTOMOTIVE DISTRIBUTION NETWORK is the umbrella organisation for three of the premier groups in the US aftermarket - Parts Plus, Independent Auto Parts of America, and Auto Pride.  
Its President David Prater said: “The NETWORK has enjoyed its brief association with NEXUS Automotive International through meetings with their worldwide partners. The ability to share resources and information has proven valuable as the global aftermarket continues to shrink. From the onset, we saw N! as an opportunity to formalise some new relationships and begin working closer together on an international level. We are extremely excited that VIPAR Heavy Duty and APA have joined us a members.”

Gaël Escribe added: “The integration of The NETWORK, APA and VIPAR is 100% in line with the N! commitment to provide our partners with a global solution, and it extends at the same time the scale of business opportunities that will be at stake as from April 1st.”

Nexus Automotive International unveils key initiatives to take it from aftermarket challenger to global leader


NEXUS Automotive International (N!) has unveiled the details of five initiatives that will help drive the aftermarket challenger towards its target of being a global leader.

Already established in 84 countries, the major autoparts distributor is looking to do more than just extend its global reach in 2016; its aim is to help member companies and suppliers maximise the business opportunities created. To achieve this N! has:

  • Launched the N! Academy, a certified aftermarket programme offering a wide range of training, including management, technical and sales skills
  • Added a host of new products to its successful DR!VE+ private label service brand
  • Introduced N! Slow Mover, a tool that enables slow moving stock to be promoted into wider markets via the N! community
  • Built a sophisticated intranet, called CON!NECT, which will bring members and suppliers closer together, encouraging more business, and
  • Introduced an IT reporting tool enabling in-depth analysis to help drive performance and growth in the N! community.

Details were given at the second annual NEXUS Business Forum, held in Montreux, Switzerland, (3rd to 5th February), which included two days of business ‘speed dating’ between suppliers and N! members.

More than 300 delegates attended, representing around 70 nationalities, clear evidence that NEXUS Automotive International is now global, said Chairman Gael Escribe.

Reaffirming the organisation’s ambition to increase the total consolidated turnover of its membership from today’s €7.25 billion to more than €9 billion by the end of 2016, Gael said N! saw aftermarket potential in a further around 100 countries.

“Our vision is one aftermarket and for NEXUS to be a leader, no more a challenger,” he said, reminding the audience N! had, in just two years, already achieved 59 supplier contracts of which 50 are global.

This year will see the United States, through NEXUS Automotive North America, become the biggest region for N! with Western Europe close behind. However, the focus will continue to be worldwide with developments in other places, including China ‘a region that is really starting to consume autoparts’, said Gael. 

The organisation was also pleased to have welcomed its first member from Iran, ALBORZ YADAK TRADING, creating ‘a huge opportunity’ for it to be the first Iranian company to ‘go multi-national’.

As well as outlining the key initiatives and progress to date, the Forum also addressed the issue of Connected Cars, with a round table examining the threats and opportunities this new technology will have on the aftermarket.

Nexus reveals winners of the Innovative Supplier of the Year awards 2016

A range of zero and low-copper brake pads and a smartphone app that makes life easier for engineers and distributors have won the companies that developed them a prestigious international award for innovation.

FEDERAL-MOGUL, headquartered in Germany, and NTN-SNR of France, were declared winners of the first NEXUS Automotive International ‘Innovative Supplier of the Year Awards’ announced in Switzerland at a three day conference involving many of the leading players in the global automotive aftermarket.

FEDERAL-MOGUL was recognised as the supplier with the most innovative product, its Eco-friction range, while NTN-SNR’s TechScaN’R saw it acclaimed the supplier with the most innovative new service.

These were the inaugural innovation awards run by NEXUS Automotive International (N!), the major autoparts distribution group that has established a global footprint in just two years.

N! Chairman Akram Shahrour, who presented the awards alongside N! Executive Director Philippe Guyot, said: “We firmly believe that innovation is key if a business is to thrive in today’s ever changing, highly competitive world.

“Both companies have shown tremendous ingenuity, technical capability and entrepreneurial spirit in addressing hugely important product and service issues.

“The quality of entries for these inaugural awards was very high, and we thank all those who took part, but FEDERAL-MOGUL and NTN-SNR stood out above the rest.”

FEDERAL-MOGUL used an innovative new tribological fingerprinting process to create its Eco-friction range of zero and low-copper brake pad formulations, developed to meet new government environmental regulations.

NTN-SNR’s TechScaN’R works on smartphones and tablets and enables users to access technical information more easily. The user scans the part number and receives the information without the need for a QR code or to run searches on an overloaded website. 

Some 300 delegates attended the conference, the second annual NEXUS Business Forum, held in Montreux (3rd to 5th February), at which suppliers and N! members engaged in two days of business ‘speed dating’, exploring opportunities to conduct business with each other.

As well as announcing the Innovative Supplier of the Year Awards, Akram Shahrour also revealed that DINAMIK OTOMOTIV, of Turkey, had been selected as the NEXUS Automotive International ‘Member of the Year’.

He said: “DINAMIK OTOMOTIV has consistently demonstrated it is completely in line with NEXUS’s values and principles of taking a global approach to the aftermarket and creating value through innovation and international co-operation.”