New alliance will support competitiveness of aftermarket companies in Central Europe

A new alliance, NEXUS Automotive Central Europe (N!ACE), that will aid the competitiveness of companies operating in the region’s automotive aftermarket has been established.

N!ACE is the regional representative of global alliance NEXUS Automotive International (N!), now present in 113 countries.

The new group has been formed by Auto Land Polska, Autos, Inter Land and Inter Parts. They are all based in Poland and are leading partners active in passenger car and heavy duty parts distribution.

N!ACE is a fully transparent and well organized structure that has been created to provide better value and business opportunities to N! key stakeholders in a highly competitive market.

New members are expected to join in the near future, which will enable N!ACE to become the leading partner for domestic distributors in Central Europe.

Waldermar Baclawski, owner of Inter Parts, who heads up N!ACE, said: “The main purpose of N!ACE is to create value and opportunities for our members from both the sourcing of automotive parts and through the supply chain side.

“In addition, the group will put a strong emphasis on supporting N! strategic initiatives in the Central Europe region, including the NEXUSAuto and NEXUSTruck workshop concepts, the newly-created DR!VE+ brand and the training platform N! Academy School, and through these we will better concentrate purchasing volumes towards NEXUS suppliers.

“Overall, this enhanced co-operation between members and suppliers will provide unique opportunities for development and improve the competitiveness of all participants in the project.”

Gael Escribe, CEO of N!, welcomed the formation of N!ACE. He said: “I congratulate the members of N!ACE who have come together to create this new regional organisation and I and the N! team look forward to working with them.

“We spoke recently at one of our N! Connecting Days of our stategy of developing regional platforms and very quickly N!ACE has been incorporated. It is a fine example of ‘words to deeds’.”

N!, which has its headquarters in Geneva, was founded in 2014, since when it has enjoyed intense geographic expansion. This year alone 47 new members have joined, bringing the total to 108, plus two other regional groups have been formed, NEXUS Automotive Algeria and NEXUS North America, with another, NEXUS Automotive Brazil, about to be launched.

Nexus achieves €10 billion turnover - now present in 100 countries

CEO Gael Escribe: " Wherever you come from in the world, NEXUS’ ambition is to be the ‘business catalyst’ of the aftermarket.” 

Geneva, September 2016

Major automotive aftermarket alliance NEXUS Automotive International (N!) has continued its global growth and achieved a record €10 billion in consolidated group turnover.

The figure is €1 billion ahead of expectations outlined in February, when it was hoped to reach €9 billion by the end of 2016.

The milestone will be announced by N! CEO Gael Escribe as member companies from more than 100 countries are due to meet ahead of Automechanika Frankfurt for two days of business ‘connecting’.

Gael said: “Our vision for Nexus’s place in the global aftermarket is to be a leader and reaching this landmark figure of €10 billion is a major step towards that. Nexus has been in existence for only two-and-a-half years but through the collective efforts of all in the N! Community we have achieved so much.

“With N! members in more than 100 countries and 60 global supplier contracts in place, Nexus has the world-wide reach, collective strength and credibility to fulfil our vision of bringing innovation and entrepreneurship on an unprecedented scale to the aftermarket.

“From Sao Paulo to Johannesburg, Birmingham to Barcelona, Dubai to Shanghai, wherever you come from in the world, Nexus’ ambition is to be the ‘business catalyst’ of the aftermarket.”

N! will shortly take a big step forward in China with the establishment of its Chinese representative office in Shanghai. The office will enable N! to be closer to its members and suppliers, facilitate future co-operation and respond quickly to the needs of the China market.

The local team in Shanghai will be supervised by Bas Donders, N! Marketing and Sourcing Director, who has 25 years’ industrial experience.

Gael added that while new membership opportunities would continue to be sought in fast-growing markets, the focus would increasingly be on developing business and projects with existing N! members.

Also, having reflected on the vision and objectives of N!, it had been decided not to renew the co-operation agreement with N! Alliance Russia beyond 31 December.

In the meantime, some 140 N! participants will meet in Frankfurt for the latest round of N! Connecting Days (12, 13 September) during which they will explore opportunities to develop new business between them.

Gael said: “At the end of the day, Nexus is about creating value for our members. It’s pleasing to see a recently published study shows four out of the top five champions of growth in the French aftermarket were all Nexus members, as were six out of the top seven for champions of productivity. We would say that’s no coincidence.”

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Nexus Automotive Algeria first national organisation for Nexus Automotive International on the African continent

NEXUS Automotive International, the global automotive aftermarket alliance, has taken a major step forward in Africa with the establishment of NEXUS Automotive Algeria, its first national organisation on the continent.

The new local organisation, with headquarters in Algiers, will be launched on Monday, 16th May and will comprise A&M Distribution, DOUADI Automotive, HABCHI Auto Distribution and SIAD Automobile Group. The four N! members are some of the most important spare parts and equipment distributors for cars and trucks in Algeria. Each group has large retailer networks in all of its main cities, giving NEXUS Automotive Algeria an immediate national dimension.

Gaël Escribe, NEXUS Automotive International CEO, said: “We are very pleased with the foundation of this new organisation, which underlines both the ambition of the leading distributors involved as well as their involvement in the professionalisation and structuring of the aftermarket industry in their country.”

Mohammed Siad, President of Siad, who will head up the new group, said: “To join this international group gives us the perfect means to resist a random evolution of the market. Working together we can take a strategic approach, drive innovation and make the most of business opportunities in the aftermarket.”

A first step will be choosing a manager to take charge of supplier relations, manage the network’s operations and co-ordinate strategic projects. Meetings will be held on Monday and Tuesday, 23rd and 24th May, to update suppliers on overall plans for the short and the mid-term.

NEXUS Automotive Algeria has made training a priority, through the development of N! ACADEMY.  Abderrezak Akroune, CEO of A&M Distribution, said: “We intend to develop new concepts in purchasing and logistics, as well as on the commercial side, as we have fixed the objective to structure and grow. To achieve this, very specific guidance is necessary.”

NEXUS Automotive Algeria will work closely with the N! selected international training provider, EIPM (European Institute of Purchasing Management). Fayçal Douadi, CEO of Douadi Automotive, said: “It is critical that our training programmes are of the highest calibre, as we wish to ensure that the professional competency of our managers at all levels aligns with the organisation’s development.”

The meetings will also consider how best to introduce the N! private label DR!VE+, which is positioned to offer quality automotive parts at attractive prices while countering the spread of cheap inferior products. Redjem Habchi, CEO of Habchi, said: “The Algerian market cannot only absorb premium ranked parts when the minimum salary is of 200 Euros. The DR!VE+ solution, developed in partnership with N! suppliers, will definitely facilitate the access to new market segments.”

The new organisation is also considering the rapid setting up of garage networks for cars and trucks, under the NEXUSAUTO and NEXUSTRUCK brands, which will follow an audit of the technical training needs of repairmen and mechanics in the country.

In conclusion, Gaël Escribe said: “I’m delighted but not surprised that NEXUS Automotive Algeria is taking shape this rapidly. Through the N! ACADEMY, NEXUSAUTONEXUSTRUCK and DR!VE+ projects, we are perfectly positioned to support our new members in their strategic objectives, which they have voiced very clearly. It’s very exciting and in line with our core philosophy of bringing innovation and entrepreneurship to the aftermarket while creating value for our members.”

Nexus welcomes exciting new partner as it extends coverage in the Middle East

NEXUS Automotive International (N!) has significantly strengthened its presence in the Middle East, welcoming DYNATRADE AUTOMOTIVE GROUP as an exciting and important new partner.

Dynatrade, with its headquarters in Sharjah near Dubai, specialises in European, Korean, and Japanese car parts and is one of the fastest growing distributors in the region. 

Its addition as a member is a major step forward for N!, which has set growth in the Middle East as a top priority in 2016.

Saman Rashidi, N! Business Development Director, Middle East, said: “Dynatrade is a successful company and we are proud to welcome them into the Nexus community. The addition of such a dynamic, fast-growing group is a big step forward and, along with our other representation in the region, will see the regional footprint of N! coming firmly into shape.”

Dynatrade’s car parts division has rapidly emerged as the leading supplier of high quality aftermarket parts for European cars, carrying more than 35,000 line items in its fast-moving parts range.

Gael Escribe, Chief Executive of N!, said: “The integration of Dynatrade as a key partner is a major milestone for Nexus this year. The support of Dynatrade is timely as we look forward to our regional N! Connecting Day, which takes place in Dubai on 11th May.”

“This full day event will provide Nexus strategic suppliers active in the region and the local Nexus members with a fantastic opportunity to network and build business relations that will accelerate the pace of growth in this important, exciting and, for Nexus, developing part of the world.”

“It takes us significantly closer to the objective we announced just three weeks ago, at our Business Forum in Montreux, that Nexus will be a global and innovative leader achieving € 9 billion in consolidated sales by the end of the year.”

Nexus Automotive International unveils key initiatives to take it from aftermarket challenger to global leader


NEXUS Automotive International (N!) has unveiled the details of five initiatives that will help drive the aftermarket challenger towards its target of being a global leader.

Already established in 84 countries, the major autoparts distributor is looking to do more than just extend its global reach in 2016; its aim is to help member companies and suppliers maximise the business opportunities created. To achieve this N! has:

  • Launched the N! Academy, a certified aftermarket programme offering a wide range of training, including management, technical and sales skills
  • Added a host of new products to its successful DR!VE+ private label service brand
  • Introduced N! Slow Mover, a tool that enables slow moving stock to be promoted into wider markets via the N! community
  • Built a sophisticated intranet, called CON!NECT, which will bring members and suppliers closer together, encouraging more business, and
  • Introduced an IT reporting tool enabling in-depth analysis to help drive performance and growth in the N! community.

Details were given at the second annual NEXUS Business Forum, held in Montreux, Switzerland, (3rd to 5th February), which included two days of business ‘speed dating’ between suppliers and N! members.

More than 300 delegates attended, representing around 70 nationalities, clear evidence that NEXUS Automotive International is now global, said Chairman Gael Escribe.

Reaffirming the organisation’s ambition to increase the total consolidated turnover of its membership from today’s €7.25 billion to more than €9 billion by the end of 2016, Gael said N! saw aftermarket potential in a further around 100 countries.

“Our vision is one aftermarket and for NEXUS to be a leader, no more a challenger,” he said, reminding the audience N! had, in just two years, already achieved 59 supplier contracts of which 50 are global.

This year will see the United States, through NEXUS Automotive North America, become the biggest region for N! with Western Europe close behind. However, the focus will continue to be worldwide with developments in other places, including China ‘a region that is really starting to consume autoparts’, said Gael. 

The organisation was also pleased to have welcomed its first member from Iran, ALBORZ YADAK TRADING, creating ‘a huge opportunity’ for it to be the first Iranian company to ‘go multi-national’.

As well as outlining the key initiatives and progress to date, the Forum also addressed the issue of Connected Cars, with a round table examining the threats and opportunities this new technology will have on the aftermarket.